To celebrate a sell-out season of Random International’s unmissable Rain Room, showing at the Jackalope Pavilion, Black Star Pastry created a limited-edition Rain Cake, inspired by the work.

Exclusive to Black Star Pastry’s St Kilda store – located under Rain Room’s Jackalope Pavilion – the Rain Cake was the first in a series of art projects in which Black Star Pastry will collaborate with renowned artists and institutions, creating edible adaptions of iconic works.

Designed to reference a smell and taste of rainfall, it comprises a matcha sponge base, layers of lime buttercream, caramelised apricot compote, lemon myrtle and peppermint sponge, a vein of finger lime jelly, and a white chocolate mousse dusted with lemon myrtle powder. It’s decorated with ‘rain droplets’ delicately dancing atop the cake.

The result, to be expected, is a moist, fragrant and remarkably refreshing ­cake – reminiscent of a walk through the Botanic Gardens after a summer storm. The use of native botanicals like lemon myrtle and finger lime produces a fresh and zesty taste with hints of eucalyptus – a perfect counterpart to the creamy, white chocolate mousse.

An international art sensation that has taken London, New York, Shanghai and Los Angeles by storm, Rain Room allows visitors to take centre stage in a mesmerising merging of art, technology, and nature. As you navigate a 100sqm torrential downpour, the work somewhat magically responds to your presence and movement, resulting in an otherworldly experience of being consumed by an intense rainstorm, all the while being completely protected from its forces.

Rain Room will close Sunday 14 April. Visit here for ticketing information.